Cotton Masks

Cotton Masks with add-on protection

Double layered pure cotton masks. Equipped with a pocket for inserting tissue (paper) as the 3rd layer. That makes it a three-layered mask. Beats N-95 mask hands down in cost and comfort. Ensures 100 % protection against microbes.

Insert a fine tissue paper through the specially stitched opening each time you wish to use the mask. This makes it the most comfortable yet most effective protection against airborne or droplet carried bacteria and viruses.

Key Features

Proper Size






Covers your nose, mouth and chin

Washable by hand or machine. Stands 30-40 gentle washes

Non-woven surgical masks add to soil pollution. Our masks are bio-degradable

Non-woven masks may cause skin irritation if worn for more than 3 hours. Our cotton masks are skin friendly. They can be worn continuously for hours together 

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Comfortable cotton mask. Washable. Reusable. Recyclable.